Year Ten Textiles Getting Involved

June 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

Year 10 Textiles students have been joining me drawing lace, crochet and tatting on top of hand made paper. There was something about the fragmented surface of the paper and the uneven edges that made them seem more delicate than they actually were. They also reminded me of the pieces I created in the work shop with Laura White (keep posted for this…).

Charlotte Hayes

Sukhpreet Gill

Sasha Edwards

Lucy Ritchie

Kirsty Hopcroft


Fashion Illustrations

May 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Stephanie Randall used some of my lace and crochet pieces in her fashion illustrations for her GCSE exam by scanning and photocopying them to add details onto her outfits. I’m glad my students  are making good use of my find too.

Naum Gabo at the Tate Britain

February 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Before the visit

When planning our year eight trip to the Tate Britain I remembered what a valuable experience it was seeing the Simon Starling exhibition with others. With this in mind I visited the exhibition prior to the trip with two colleagues. It made the experience of planning the activities arranged much more fluid and easier to think through.

My year eight students have been looking at sculpture alongside Naum Gabo’s work, exploring creating shapes with space and the idea of construction rather than modelling.

Naum Gabo, Linear Construction Number 1 1942-43

Students' response to Linear Construction

The Naum Gabo room at the Tate Britain has an archival presence similar to Never the Same… at Camden Arts Centre. The collection of objects presented ranged from small scraps of drawing and paper maquettes to the complex engineering of his acrylic and nylon pieces. I hoped this way of working would resonate with my students as it is similar to the creative processes we under go in the classroom; working quickly on small scale pieces to understand concepts and ideas and then focusing on refining our ideas through making more considered pieces.

The students created folded sculptures with intricate patterns drawn with spirograph to emulate Gabo’s process of model making before creating public sculptures.

workshop at Tate Britain

We imagined ourselves as little people to get an idea of what their sculptures would like like on a big scale.

example of students transforming their work into public art sculptures

Back in the classroom we focused more on paper construction – specifically slotting flat plains together to create a three dimensional object. We transformed the classroom into a modern art gallery and students gave tours and talks about their sculptures. In attempting to create a context for the work students were thinking about the experience of visiting galleries and the kind of jobs people undertake there.

students using slotting technique

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