Venice Biennale

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I was fortunate enough to be able to take year 12 fine art, photography and textiles students to Venice for the Biennale at the end of term. Venice was totally overwhelming, and as for the Biennale itself – the locations on their own were utterly breath taking. I felt very lucky indeed to be able to experience this – definitely a perk of the job!

Some highlights:

Maurizio Cattelan


Yang Maoyuan


Fabrizio Plessi


Below is the work of Ethiopian Gedewon was particularly hypnotic. Tiffany said she wanted my drawings to take her breath away – and these ink drawn talisman did that to me. They are intricately drawn mazes which have a map like quality. I sketched a small part of one which made my eyes go funny and took at least half an hour. They must take an incredibly long time to produce. I remember the information provided said something about the artist completing these drawings on his hands and knees. I wouldn’t fancy that. It reminded me of a piece I started and never finished at the beginning of the course. I wish I was more of a starter/finisher.

Detail, untitled 1990, Gedewon


Untitled, 1990, Gedewon


And some photos I took myself. The year 12 starting point is ‘routes and pathways’ so I started taking some images around this theme.

feet and light in a fringe show

more feet




Laura White

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Laura White talked about her work and facilitated a workshop at Modern Art Oxford as part of our Artist Teacher Scheme. It was interesting listening to her talk about her unique work, but I found it particularly interesting hearing how she managed both making and lecturing.

I felt like Laura and I have many similarities within our work – although aesthetically they couldn’t be more different. She looks at the relationships between images and objects, particularly the physical relationship with an object. This links to some ideas I have been having about the textile pieces themselves. What role do they play now? Are they for display purposes? Did they ever really have a useful purpose – perhaps the purpose was in the making and the object was secondary? This last question resonates with Laura’s statement ‘it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it’. I would like to look further into decoration and ornamentation in connection to these textile objects.

Laura White, Construction With Lots of Elastic Bands - Pouffe, 2010


I had fun playing with materials – as encouraged to by Laura. I started the day using the tin foil as Laura has done to ‘cast’ images. I pushed the aluminion foil into the creases and negative space of the doilies and then took photos of the impression they made.

foil cast


foil cast 2

The photos were actually much more successful then the pieces themselves. They seemed very flat even though they had a raised surface. I didn’t like their crisp edges either. Perhaps I could have worked on the edges, cutting into them to get rid of the straight lines.

I then used clay and fimo (courtesy of Tessa) and the same process to create the following pieces:

clay and fimo samples



I have previously tried to add texture to my work  and I intend to develop this further in order to produce some larger scale, more experimental pieces over the summer.


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