Drawing Tatting

June 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Using my new tatting magazine pages I have made the brave step to start drawing directly onto them. In my tutorial Tiffany mentioned that I should start refining my materials, therefore I have bought three new fancy, extremely fine, pigment markers (archival quality no less).

There are a few incidental qualities that I like about this piece. For example, the way that the hands in the bottom left hand corner look like they’re creating the drawn piece links very much with my ‘process’ theme.

Also, I deliberately drew a piece of tatting in which threads were spaced more widely first as I didn’t want too much of the original page to be covered up. I also used my finest pen to draw with – 005. Thich gave a very delicate line to help the page be seen more easily.

By the end of this piece I reckon I was feeling the same way you might have done if you created the original – aching eyes, aching back, crampy wrist. I kind of like that about the process. It takes me time to figure out how to represent certain twists and knots in the pieces, sometimes I practise first on a scrap of paper.

I’m trying to be as accurate as possible – I use a digital projector to project an image of the textile piece onto the magazine page and record the outline of the piece, and other large patterned areas. Then I work flat observing the original piece to add all the details that the projection can’t pick up.

This next image illustrates the ridiculous set up I have in our tiny flat, projecting in the corridor as it is the only place with a white wall big enough to project on. I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the working space I have. I would work at school over the holidays but it’s an hours drive away. The dinner table is okay to draw on but packing everything up whenever we eat is a pain. We are moving at the end of July to a bigger place with a second bedroom that will become my studio – exciting times!

The last image illustrates a piece that I completed which includes more solid sections of linen in addition to the tatting. The fine cross hatch works well to illustrate the grain of the fabric.

I have enjoyed dedicating a whole day to this process and tomorrow I will do the same, this time exploring various other textile techniques drawn.


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