Drawing Crochet

March 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

crochet patterns charity shop find

I found a selection of these crochet pattern magazines in a charity shop about a year ago. I brought them because aesthetically I thought they looked interesting and I loved the strange code like instructions it included on how to make the patterns. I found them again when I was looking for some old net curtains and was surprised at how appropriate they were considering what I want to explore within my own practice.

I used the instructions to make up the patterns on the first piece of work I produced.

Instructional Study

I want to look further into combining the instructions into the image but on a more subtle level. Although I think this concept works I would like the piece to talk more of layers – to embed the text more deeply into piece.

Linking the meticulous and repetitive feeling of creating these crochet pieces to the drawing process itself is important to my practice. I have set myself the challenge of covering an A1 piece of tracing paper with drawings of the crochet patterns. Hopefully this will be something I return to during the next six months as you might with creating a constructed textile piece. I can imagine that most people creating these time lengthy pieces of work would not have had the luxury of completing them all in one go, and therefore it became a process that would have been completed fitting in around the rest of their life as it will be for me.

work in progress


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